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JamboHax - Sudden Attack Free VIP Hacks


Hack Works On:
 Win XP
Vista 32/64bit
Windows 7 32/64bit

Direct 3D :
  • Chams / Chameleon wallhack - display players through walls in colors
  • Player fullbright - disable shadows on players
  • Wallhack - display players through walls
  • Weapon chams - find weapons and grenades easier
  • No fog - remove fog in any foggy maps
  • Crosshair - draw a neat red crosshair on the screen

Weapons :
  • Instant reload - reload your weapon instantly
  • Instant switch - switch to another weapon instantly
  • No spread - make your weapons perfectly accurate
  • No recoil - disable the knockback to make your aim perfect
  • Shoot through walls / Superbullets - hit the enemies through any walls
  • Always headshot - one hit kill everyone by always headshooting them, even when you really don't
  • Weapon hack* - get yourself any weapon in the game
  • Scouter hack* - get the scouter item. Allows you to see your teammates' health

Movement :
  • Superjump - jump extremely high
  • Speedhack - zoom through the map
  • Flyhack - fly through walls and around the map

Removals :
  • No flash - never get flashed by a flashgrenade!